Demon with a nose ring

Toro is the demon who collects the souls of people who have sold their souls to the devil for fame, money or something else. Toro has a body that looks like a man and a head that looks like a bull. He has a ring through his nose. Right after the person dies, Toro comes to collect their soul. He sticks a ring through the person’s nose and attaches a chain to it. Then he drags the person to Hell with the chain.

While people are alive, Toro influences them to wear nose rings by putting the idea in their heads that it’s fashionable.

Bill Wiese Darkness in Hell

Bill Weise says the darkness in Hell is alive. One of the things I experienced in my vision of hell was the most intense darkness. It had a power that consumed me. It was not simply the absence of light. It had a distinctive evil presence; a feeling of death.

I picked up a hitchhiker that was an angel


While driving in a snow storm, Linda picked up a man who was standing on the side of the highway. When she got to the point where she had to drop him off, he got out of the car and disappeared. Linda was shocked. She got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side. She looked on the ground and saw no footprints. The man had just disappeared. He was an angel.

I was pulled out of my body


Everyone who isn’t saved by Jesus will be in Hell after they die. Hell is forever. No rest, no water, no air and a constant state of fear will be the person’s new home. Fire, sulfur, stench, worms, maggots and people that look like burned up skeletons screaming. Seek Jesus for your salvation before it’s too late. Even young people can die suddenly. Nobody knows when their last day will be.