The other place


The Other Place

From the book, My Time in Heaven by Richard Sigmund. You can buy his book here on Amazon.

The following is a summary of what Richard saw when Jesus took him to see parts of Hell.

Instantly, we descended into a gray, nasty stench, like a rotting carcass.

There were hideous, grotesque beings as tall as the angels. Some cartoon figures of demons approached and how hideous these creatures were.

There were flames of punishment. I felt the doom and despair there. I heard people crying out. It seems that demons take people and torture them to the same level of pain the demons themselves are in. People were naked. There was no one there who was not old enough to know what sin was.

Jesus said,”….warn them that unless they are washed in My blood, unless they are born again, this is where they will spend eternity.”

There were people begging and pleading with Jesus to get them out of there, but He would not hear them because their judgment was fixed. (Hebrews 9:27)

When you die, you have a spiritual body. This spiritual body has the exact properties that your physical body had when you were alive. You are a spirit being, yet all physical senses are present.

I saw people in hell who were no more than walking skeletons with flesh of some kind hanging off of them – rotting off of them. There were maggots, and the smell was not breathable. People were being raped. Serpents ate and digested parts of people; then, the people were restored and it happened all over again.

I witnessed people being ripped apart by demons. Parts of their bodies were hanging on boulders and rocks and the demons would take the parts and eat them and pass them through. And then the body was whole again for the process to be repeated.

A young girl had hot coals forced into her mouth as demons mocked, “You really thought you were getting by with something.”

There were groups of people in small cages that were on fire. People were put into small, burning cages that were then dipped in a lake of fire. However, their bodies were not consumed. The bodies were never consumed. They were half skeletons, half beings.

Demons poured liquid fire on people. There were what looked like coal pits burning.

People had cancer, with all its pain and suffering, forever.

One man had a rotting arm. It took a hundred years to rot off. Then, it was restored, only to begin rotting off again.

There was another man with part of his head blown off from war. He had to keep looking for the rest of his head.

I saw the lake of fire with people in it, bobbing around. Every torment you can imagine is multiplied a million times.

There are degrees of punishment in hell. The people who are punished the greatest are those who knew the most and didn’t do what they should have done. I thought of Hitler, and I thought of God’s justice.

There were pits in hell that were empty – empty now, but waiting for whole nations.

It was dark, and there were demons and serpents every where. The demons inflicted more pain than they were going through themselves.

Then I saw the place reserved for the devil and his angels: he will have flaming, slimy fire over his head for a thousand years. The lake of fire had depths that got worse and worse and worse.