Life is a vapor make God first

I want to share a dream that I had a week ago. God pressed it upon my heart to share what He’s been speaking and convicting me of. Even if it only ministers to and can be an encouragement to someone and I just really felt the need to share it.

So last week in my dream I thought that the rapture happened. I thought I had been raptured. I remember being in bed and thinking okay Jesus is coming back right now, like the rapture is happening and I’m gonna be in heaven right now and I truly thought that it had happened and before that I was in a room with a girl and after praying for God to give me clarity about why and who it was. It was a picture of me when I was younger. So a few years back before I truly decided to stop being lukewarm and to stop trying to chase things of the world, it was a picture of me when I was just choosing sin. It was a picture of me when I was being warned not to choose the world but I was choosing it anyway. So I was in a room with this girl who was a picture of my younger self and I was telling her, Jesus is coming back, you need to repent and she was just ignoring me. I remember praying for her and just being so heart broken that she wasn’t listening and then when she left I remember seeing myself and seeing myself now and I was trying to tell myself, you need to spend time with God and I was going to leave to go to the gym and I was just telling myself Jesus is coming back soon. You need to just be intentional to spend time with God and I left the room to go to they gym and then in that moment the rapture happened and I remember feeling it throughout my whole body like my soul was like coming out of my body like my soul was above my body and I remember feeling like I was levitating so I was laying in bed and I feel like my soul left my body and I was like being lifted up and like I was levitating and like I said I truly thought that the rapture was happening in that moment. It felt so real. I felt the presence of God throughout my whole body and I’ve never felt anything like that before, it was just crazy and so after that feeling I remember feeling like I was in heaven and like God was holding me and I remember being in his arms and looking back at my life and I was just weeping over all the time I wasted and His voice was so loving and so, so gentle but He just asked me why did you choose those things over me? Why didn’t you spend more time with me? Why did you go to the gym instead of spending time with me when you knew you needed to spend time with me? Why did you run after things of the world looking for fulfillment when I was there a little while and wanting to fulfill you and He was just gently correcting me and all the truths that I have felt Him to speak to me became a reality and I felt it. I truly felt like I was looking back at my past and I felt the reality that the temporal things don’t matter when we get to heaven. The temporal things don’t matter when we get to eternity, then what we spend our time on earth should be glorifying God. We were made to glorify God and I feel like He just gripped my heart so lovingly and so gently and He just corrected me and He just said I just want more time with you. I want your time. I want your heart undivided. I don’t want your leftovers. I don’t want to be a second thought. I want to have all of you. He wants all our soul, all our heart and He wants all that we are and so I just wanted to share that dream because I want to encourage everyone that even though we live in such a fast paced society that’s constantly trying to keep us busy and entertained and distracted, we need to be intentional to spend time with the Lord. We need to be intentional to seek Him first. We need to be intentional to be still and rest in His love and hear from Him because God is always speaking. God always wants to speak to us. He wants a relationship with us and we just need to be faithful to listen. We need to quiet our hearts and minds and be intentional to listen. We need to spend time being still.

I just want to share, at the beginning of quarantine, I was going to make it my goal to work out in the morning and then spend time with Jesus and I told myself I’ll go on walks with Jesus and like have a prayer walk and stuff. No, after a few days of trying that, God told me I don’t want your leftovers, I want you to seek me first and He speaks so gently and so lovingly but He really gripped my heart and convicted me that I need to sit and I need to be still and I need to rest. I need to not try to multitask my time with Him and our generation is so fast paced it’s insane but we need to make sure that we aren’t trying to multitask God in your day that we’re not giving Him our leftovers but that we’re truly seeking Him and that we’re seeking Him through his word and prayer and worship and that we’re trying to quiet our hearts and our minds to hear His voice because He truly does want to speak to us and He loves us so much. He loves you so much. He has a plan and a purpose for your life and you are loved so much more than you could ever imagine and He wants us to be still and just rest in that love to allow Him to just hold us and to just feel His love and so I just want to encourage everyone that this life is a vapor and the things of this earth are passing away and the things that we see, the things that are distractions, the things that seem so great here on earth, they can’t even be compared to what is awaiting for us in glory and that just it blows my mind who God is. How much He loves us and what He has prepared for us for our future for eternity. So I just pray that this can encourage you to just seek Him first. Be intentional to spend time at His feet. Don’t try to serve two masters because you will love one and hate the other. We need to be intentional to lay down the things that are hindering us and coming in between our relationship with God. The things that are in between us and God are idols and we need to lay those things down. We need to seek Him with our whole heart undivided and so I just wanted to share what He’s been pressing upon my heart. What He’s been speaking to me and I hope you know how loved you are. I hope you know that God loves you so much and you are so so so beautiful and wonderfully made and God has a purpose for your life. You are alive for a reason and I pray that you just rest in His love and that you just spend time at His feet and just spend time seeking Him because the only way we can love others properly as if we’re filled by His love so I pray that you just seek Him and seek His love and rest in His love today. I hope you guys have a great day God bless.