I was pulled out of my body


Bill Weise recounts the night he was shown a certain part of Hell. His testimony should serve as a warning to anyone who doesn’t believe there is an after life.

I got up at 3:00am to get some water and suddenly I was pulled out of my body like being drawn up and out of your body. I first found myself falling down this long, dark tunnel and then I ended up in this filthy, smoke filled dungeon with stone walls and bars. There were two enormous demons pacing in this cell like vicious caged animals. They were reptile like in appearance. They had the most ferocious demeanor and an extreme hatred for God and man. I wondered, how did I get here? Why am I here? The heat was like a blast furnace, unbearable. I had absolutely no strength in my body whatsoever. Movement was almost impossible. One demon picked me up and threw me into the stone wall of the cell with a tremendous force and the other demon dug it’s foot long claws into my chest. Why am I still alive through this? I noticed there was no blood or water coming from the wounds. Leviticus 17:11 says the life of the flesh is in the blood. There’s no life in Hell so there’s no blood. You have a body in Hell just like the rich man in Luke 16 said, he wanted just one drop of water because he was tormented in the flame, but you never get that drop. The thirst is unimaginable. It was absolutely pitch black except for a few moments when God illuminated it. I saw this large pit with flames raging high into this open cavern and there were thousands of people inside this pit screaming and burning. They just looked like skeletons and the screams were so loud and deafening, you can’t bear it. Now I understood, I was down deep in the earth and that there are different levels of torment and degrees of punishment but all levels are horrendous. I thought about my wife up on the earth and I knew I would never see her again. I could never hold her, I could never tell her I loved her. I could never even say good bye to her. To have no finality with your loved ones is extremely tormenting. I missed her so much. You will never be able to talk to people again. You are kept isolated for all eternity. See death does not mean cease to exist, death means separation from God. You still exist. The stench of Hell, the demons are so foul and putrid. The worst open sewer smell and the smell of burning sulfur. It’s actually toxic to breathe but there’s not enough oxygen to breathe in Hell so you are suffocating. You never get to go to sleep. There is no rest, not even for one second. You experience hunger and thirst and it’s never satisfied. The fear is overwhelming and when I was young, I was attacked by a 10-foot tiger shark and the fear that I felt then paled in comparison of what you feel in Hell. I saw snakes and maggots crawling all over everything and everybody. There were demons that were even 12 and 13 feet tall. Twisted, deformed and grotesque but the worst part of Hell is the hopelessness. There is no escape there. There is no end to this horror and there is no one that will ever come rescue you. You are eternally lost in this place. Now when I was in this dark tunnel, suddenly this bright light appeared, it was Jesus, I fell at His feet. I don’t know if I died but He touched me and I came to and I realized that if He hadn’t gone to the cross, I would be in this place for all eternity. I was so grateful for the cross. I just wanted to thank Him over and over and over. Now Jesus shared eight different things with me and I share those in my full testimony but the most impactful part of this vision was that Jesus allowed me to feel a piece of His heart. The great love He has for people. It was overwhelming but the reason Hell is so horrible is because it’s a place absent from God’s goodness and His attributes. James 1:17 states that all good comes from God. It’s not automatic. Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels, not for man but if someone rejects Jesus as their Lord and Savior there is no other place for them to go. God doesn’t want anyone to go to Hell but He gives us a free will to choose. Jesus said in John 14:6 He is the only way to Heaven. You can choose to believe Him or reject Him. It is your choice. Now if you don’t believe in Hell what if you’re wrong. What if there is an after life, what if Jesus was telling us the truth. Are you really willing to gamble with your soul?