God provides to those who believe

God is our provider

God provides to those who believe.

God may send an Angel to deliver a message during a time of need.

Here are testimonies from people who believe they experienced a divine encounter with a messenger from God.

Testimony 1:
In the 90’s we were flooded out of our home as were so many others in Iowa. We took the kids to a McDonald’s with the last of our money and bought the happy meals. My wife and I were pondering what we were going to do, where were we going to go! I look up and this old lady shows up at our table with a flower in a Dixie cup. She says everything is going to be ok and God knows your needs. She had a glowing Ora and the sweetest smile. My wife and I both said thank you so much. I looked down and saw the flower and turned to say Miss you forgot your flower but she was nowhere in sight. It was only a second and she was gone. There is no way she could move that fast at her age. She had to be in her 80’s. My wife and i both looked at each other and said at the same time and said what just happened!! We walked out of the restaurant we get the kids in the car and a person walks up to us and hands me a card with a shelter for flood victims on it. No one knows we are flood victims !!! We are in the side of town that wasn’t affected by it. We get to the shelter and everything happened so fast . We got housing right away… people showed up offering housing. A guy shows up who owns a furniture store and gives me his card. He said come to my store and I will furnish your home. Another man showed up and said come to my grocery store and I will feed you for the next year. There was more… all this happened right after that old lady showed up at our table. I truly believe she was an angel sent to us! God bless everyone much love.

Testimony 2:
We had no money for Thanksgiving.We prayed.A relative who. was a Preacher called and said God told me to call you.He paid for a complete thanks giving meal for six from Kroger hot and ready for pick up.God answered pray. That’s great that Kroger prepares Thanksgiving food for people that don’t want to cook.We had a lot to be thankful for that thanksgiving.Praise be to our loving God.

Testimony 3:
When my daughter was away at college, she and other friends and classmates were walking under a bridge and money started falling down from the sky. She was picking it up with the others and trying to find who it belonged to but everyone said it was hers and they all gave their money to her. As she counted it later she counted nine hundred dollars…That was the exact amount she needed for books and had prayed for the night before. My daughter is an honest pure old soul and if you knew her you’d have no doubt.

Testimony 4:
My mother was beaten badly by my father when they went on a small weekend vacation. When he passed out at 3 :00 am my mom grabbed the car keys and left the motel. The car was on empty and she had no money and a 7 hour drive ahead. It was in the 70’s no 24 hour gas stations. She pulled up to one station, shut off the car and just cried, then all the lights went on , a man came out and asked to help, he filled up her car and when my mom grabbed her purse he said no money , please drive safe, she thanks him and started to drive away, looking back the service station lights were off, the man no were in site.

Testimony 5:
One morning I was driving to work and was about to make a left turn at a busy intersection, and a loud voice commanded me to stop. The Voice was such that I had no choice but to stop. And right when I stopped, an 18 wheeler flew through the intersection on a red light Going about 70 miles an hour missing me by about 12 inches!! That voice save my life. I think it was an angel.

Testimony 6:
My husband left my infant son and me back in 2006. I was struggling to make ends meet and dealing with some really hard things. It was summertime in the scorching Texas heat, and I had my son in his car seat in my truck when we came to a stoplight on a frontage ramp of the highway. I saw a raggedy looking old man with long white hair standing to the left of my door. He was wearing a jacket, which was really odd for summertime. He was on a ramp on the highway and seemed to appear out of nowhere! He was not holding a sign or begging, or anything like that. It was like he was waiting for us. When I stopped for the light, I thought, “Maybe he needs something. What can I do?” All I had was a new bottle of water I’d just purchased for my drive home. The man smiled at me, and it was the most calming and comforting, mesmerizing smile. I can’t adequately describe it! I rolled down the window and handed him the water. He thanked me and his hand touched mine when he reached for the bottle. It was a Heavenly touch. He had the most amazing, piercing blue eyes I’d ever seen, like they weren’t real or could see through me. His smile and the light emanating from him was unlike anything I’d ever seen, and when he spoke to me, he said, “You two are going to be just fine.” I don’t know how he saw my baby in a car seat in the back through the tinted windows, and in such a short second of time. His words made me want to tear up – we were in dire straits (lost our home, husband refused to pay child support, nasty court ordeal, etc.), and I’d been praying for a sign God was watching over me and my baby. I glanced down for half a second and when I looked back up, the ANGEL was gone. I looked in my side mirror, thinking I’d see him walking down the ramp. I looked frantically through the lanes of traffic next to me, thinking he’d somehow stealthly moved. He was gone, nowhere to be seen….on a ramp of a highway where there was no place to really go! Fast forward all these years, and we are indeed doing “just fine”, and I feel amazing when I remember this encounter. It was one of the best experiences of my entire life, and I know God sent us an angel that day. I can’t describe this experience accurately enough….there are no words in our human experience to describe an encounter like this one. I will remember it as long as I live, and I can’t wait to see our angel again so I can thank him.