Voice Of God

Life is a vapor make God first

Seek God through his word and prayer. Seek His voice by sitting quietly, resting your heart and mind to hear His voice because He truly does want to speak to you and He loves you so much. Be intentional in making God your priority, not giving him your leftovers.

Kim Clement letter to Donald Trump

God ordered this present season of defiance, hatred, conflict and demoralization to usher in a season of bounty. The river of His bounty is ever flowing and the well spring is constantly overflowing. You are not John – you are Joseph. Joseph who driven from his own to find prosperity through adversity and accusation, was being prepared to be a King.

Bullet points


Mark Taylor reports that he receives prophecies from the Lord by way of a word or two at a time. The words come together to form a complete picture.

Developing an Ear to Hear

jesus can save us from hell

Make a deliberate choice to exercise your mind by focusing on God. The best way to do this is to have a regular time to pursue this intensely. Like any other form of exercise, begin at a low level and increase gradually.