Hell Testimonies

Hell is a real place and everyone who isn’t saved by Jesus will go there when they die. Here are testimonies from people who have died and were resuscitated or were shown Hell for the purpose of warning others.

Man died and went to Hell

In 1992 Matthew Botsford was leaving a restaurant with two of his friends. As he stepped outside, shots rang out and he was hit multiple times. Matthew died on the spot. After being dead for several minutes, Paramedics came and worked on reviving Matthew. This video describes the horrors of Hell that he saw while the Paramedics were working to revive him.

Demon with a nose ring

Toro is the demon who collects the souls of people who have sold their souls to the devil for fame, money or something else. Toro has a body that looks like a man and a head that looks like a bull. He has a ring through his nose. Right after the person dies, Toro comes to collect their soul. He sticks a ring through the person’s nose and attaches a chain to it. Then he drags the person to Hell with the chain.

While people are alive, Toro influences them to wear nose rings by putting the idea in their heads that it’s fashionable.

Bill Wiese Darkness in Hell

Bill Weise says the darkness in Hell is alive. One of the things I experienced in my vision of hell was the most intense darkness. It had a power that consumed me. It was not simply the absence of light. It had a distinctive evil presence; a feeling of death.

I was pulled out of my body


Everyone who isn’t saved by Jesus will be in Hell after they die. Hell is forever. No rest, no water, no air and a constant state of fear will be the person’s new home. Fire, sulfur, stench, worms, maggots and people that look like burned up skeletons screaming. Seek Jesus for your salvation before it’s too late. Even young people can die suddenly. Nobody knows when their last day will be.

Art depicting tortures in Hell

hell is forever

These paintings illustrate some of the tortures the unsaved people endure in Hell and Hell is forever. There’s no getting out of Hell and Purgatory is a myth. Everyone who isn’t saved by Jesus Christ will be in Hell after they die. Pictures are under the Public Domain.

The other place


When Richard Sigmund died, Jesus took him to see Hell. I saw people in hell who were no more than walking skeletons with flesh of some kind hanging off of them – rotting off of them. There were maggots, and the smell was not breathable. People were being raped. Serpents ate and digested parts of people; then, the people were restored and it happened all over again.

Maria Nieves Hell testimony


Maria wants to tell all young people, that dancing, liquor and drugs brings you nothing but torment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year because Hell is real. Don’t just go to church once a week, then go home and continue ignoring Jesus the rest of the week. You need to build the relationship with Jesus.